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Comprehensive engineering service for industrial solutions and steam energy efficiency.
Experts in the design, manufacture and installation of steam generators,
thermal fluid, hot water and superheated water.

In Instman field we design and manufacture industrial steam boilers, our teams of professionals.

INSTMAN FIELD, S.A. is a company that was established in 1991 (with personnel from Constructora Field) for the construction of pressure devices and, very particularly, in the design and manufacture of steam generators, hot water, superheated water and thermal fluid..

Since then, thanks to the trust placed by our customers, the company has established itself within the sector, acquiring extensive experience in a wide variety of industrial and service processes and applications.

The facilities that allow us to develop our highly competitive products and the group of technically qualified specialists in charge of their manufacture and design are located in the industrial estates of L’Ametlla del Vallès and les Franqueses del Vallès, Barcelona.

We design and manufacture water-tube steam generators and fire-tube steam boilers.

By carrying out the entire process from engineering, construction, and installation of the equipment, we can adapt to the needs of the clients, both in small dimensional changes or in production needs. We work on request.

Our mission is very defined in the quality of the product and in an after-sales service. , and so we take it into account from the first line of the draftsman.

A title 1 vapor, completely dry vapor, is one of the characteristics that sets us apart. In our steam boilers we look for a design, in which the life of the boiler, the quality of steam and energy efficiency are the highest priority.

We can make firetube and watertube steam boilers, for fuels such as Natural Gas, Propane Gas (LPG), Diesel, Fuel (currently in disuse), Biomass, electric boilers, with bore or bore and welded tubes.

All the steam boilers in our catalog have 3 differentiated passages, a hearth tube sized to house the flame completely, and two smoke passages to finish transferring the maximum calorific power.

To achieve maximum energy efficiency, there is the possibility of installing a water economizer (4-5%), which consists of an exchanger to transmit the heat of the smoke that can no longer be used in the boiler to heat the water before to put it in the boiler.

For installations in which the water is already entering it at a high temperature and it would not be profitable to try to increase this temperature, we suggest the installation of an air preheater, which increases the temperature of the air that we introduce into the burner, saving between 3% and 5% fuel.

Apart from steam generators, we also design and build hot water boilers, superheated water boilers, thermal fluid boilers, condensate tanks, degassers, steam collectors, purge expansion tanks and countless solutions for your installation.

Our products

Steam generators, thermal fluid, hot water and superheated water..

Our services

We offer services, Manufacturing, Installation, Maintenance and Certifications

  • Legalizations and approvals

    Instman field, allows them to legalize any type of document, related to the technical legalization and approval of said facilities.

  • Instman field engineering

    At instman field we offer the engineering and consulting services of our technical department for the design, assembly and installation of the equipment.

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